About FPS


Foundations Prep School was started in 2005 as a church daycare. Cassie Saquing (part of the FPS start-up team) and Lauren Torres (a former FPS Teacher and FPS Assistant Director) purchased FPS from the church and remain committed to the founding principles of FPS. Cassie and Lauren both reside locally with their families.


It is our philosophy that educational learning takes place through everyday interactions with peers, adults and independent play-time. We strive to utilize those learning “windows” in your child’s life by introducing basic reading skills and classroom structure much earlier than most childhood centers in our area. We never pressure the children to learn and have found that most children desire to learn when it is presented in a fun, exciting, and caring way.

Some of our goals for your child(ren) throughout their time at FPS are that they:

  • Learn to play with, learn from, and cooperate with his/her peer group.
  • Become self aware and independent in his/her daily activities.
  • Learn to follow instructions and classroom rules.
  • Have a growing desire to learn and to become a self-educator.


Foundations Prep School is a state licensed day care (infants-kindergarten) that exists to provide a safe, loving and positive environment for children of working parents in our community.

  • We offer a wide range of developmentally appropriate toys and activities which stimulate each child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.
  • We research and develop the best curriculum that will challenge each child to excel to his/her fullest potential, including math, science, phonics, handwriting, and additional Chinese (Mandarin) language lessons throughout the week.
  • We provide written progress reports on all students twice a year. The Tiger Class will be evaluated three times per school year.
  • We keep up with the latest educational information through required on-going teacher training and development.
  • Our staff is first aid trained and CPR certified, with additional State-mandated background checks.
  • We offer monthly extra curricular activities, including on-site dance, soccer and computer lessons for a small additional fee.


*Please note: Children will be placed into the classroom according to his/her age as of September 1 for up to 2 yrs., then as of October 1 for 2 yrs and older. All children stay in his/her classroom for the entire school year together, as move-up day every year is in the fall.

Our nurturing and thoroughly trained infant care staff will provide quality care for your little one. Daily story-time, songs, and language development are staples in this classroom. Nap and feeding schedules are individualized for this class.

This early toddler class is very busy! Although this is an exciting and very energetic class, we have many goals including: language building, small and large motor skill development, music in motion, and ongoing socialization. Classroom structure is introduced along with basic phonic sounds and songs

Learning to share and further socialization takes place in this older toddler classroom as the children begin to make friends. Sensory activities and process art/crafts are fun activities in this class. The children will be exposed to a more defined classroom routine where independence is encouraged.

Following verbal directions, independence in activities, fun artwork, sensory activities, and lengthened story times are all wrapped up in our day here at FPS. Early reading sounds and songs (Jolly Phonics program) are also introduced at this age. Holidays are always an excuse to have a party here!

A new world of simple reading ideas opens up to our Cheetahs. Topics covered include but are not limited to: self and sensory awareness, group/team activities, arts/crafts, handwriting, math manipulatives and Mandarin language lessons.

Our Kangaroos will begin to read short simple words during this important year. Age-appropriate math skills, computer learning games, science and handwriting will also be incorporated during circle and center times. Mandarin language learning seems to be a class favorite, along with sensory projects and center times.

Our 4-5 year olds will definitely be ready for public or private school by the end of this school year. Emphasis is placed on fluid simple reading, handwriting, math, science, computers and Mandarin language learning. Geography, art, and holidays are also enjoyed here!