Please note: Children will be placed into the classroom according to age grouping, as per State Licensing ratio standards. All children move up officially every year in the fall.


First Floor: Infants - Early Threes

The Koalas (infants)


Our nurturing and thoroughly trained infant care staff will provide quality care for your little one. Daily story-time, songs, and language development are staples in this classroom. Nap and feeding schedules are individualized for this class.


The Lions (Waddlers)

This early infant-toddler class is very busy! Although this is an exciting and very energetic class, we have many goals including: language exposure and development, small and large motor skill development, music in motion, and ongoing socialization. Classroom structure is introduced along with basic phonic sounds and music.


The Penguins (Toddlers)

Learning to share and further socialization takes place in this waddler classroom as the children begin to make friends. Sensory activities and process art/crafts are fun activities in this class. The children will be exposed to a more defined classroom routine where independence is encouraged.



The Pandas (preppers)

Following verbal directions, independence in activities, fun art work, sensory activities, and lengthened story times are all wrapped up in our day here in the Panda class. Early reading sounds and songs (Jolly Phonics program) are also introduced at this age. Potty training is a huge part of activity in this classroom. 


The Giraffes (transition, early 3’s)

The Giraffe class is our early three-year-old transition classroom. We have found that children on the cusp of three years have the desire and increased verbal skills to begin the learning process when exposed to early handwriting techniques and reading. This class is tailor-made to the needs of these early threes and potty training is completed during this transitional school year.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”
— Margaret Mead

second floor pre-k: Threes - Fives

The Cheetahs (3K)

A new world of simple reading ideas opens up to our Cheetahs. Topics covered include but are not limited to: self and sensory awareness, group/team activities, arts/crafts, handwriting, math manipulatives and Spanish language lessons.



The KANGAROOS (pre-k 1)

Our Kangaroos will begin to read short simple words during this important year. Age-appropriate math skills, computer learning games, science and handwriting will also be incorporated during circle and center times. Spanish language learning seems to be a class favorite, along with sensory projects and center times. Depending on their birthday, many Kangaroos will be fully prepared for public or private school (Kindergarten) when they graduate this year!


The Tigers (pre-K 2)


The Tigers will be fully prepared for public or private school (Kindergarten or First Grade) by the end of this school year. Emphasis is placed on fluid simple reading, handwriting, math, science, computers and Spanish language learning. Geography, art, and holidays are also enjoyed here!

“I wanted to share that our son has been doing well at Brookdale Elementary school. His first day went well and at dismissal he was all smiles with his bubbles in his hand. All the years at FPS have truly prepared him both socially and academically. I wanted to give Mrs. Spence a very special shout out, for her dedication and outstanding work with all the kids, especially our son. We love her!”
— The Lo Family (former family)