At FPS ~

We learn through PLAY!


It is our philosophy that educational learning takes place through everyday interactions with peers, adults and independent playtimes. We strive to utilize those learning “windows” in your child’s life by introducing basic reading skills and classroom structure much earlier than most childhood centers in our area. We never pressure the children to learn and have found that most children desire to learn when it is presented in a fun, exciting, and caring way.


Some of our goals for your child(ren) throughout their time at FPS are that he/she:

  • Learns to play with, learn from, and cooperate with his/her peer group.

  • Becomes self aware and independent in his/her daily activities.

  • Learns to follow instructions and classroom rules.

  • Has a growing desire to learn and to become a self-educator.

“I grew up in a family of teachers, and they are so impressed with what my daughter has learned at Foundations at such a young age. She is 100% ready for kindergarten and I am so grateful to Cassie, Lauren, Mara, and the teachers for giving my daughter such a beautiful and thorough first school experience. She has discipline, skills, and social awareness that will serve her through the rest of her education.”
— The Hathaway Family (former family)